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Immune Shield | Immunity Booster

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  Immune Shield by AKTIV FORMULATIONS is a powerful blend of immune boosting ingredients designed to supercharge the body’s immune response and bulletproof its defenses against illness and disease. Made...


Immune Shield by AKTIV FORMULATIONS is a powerful blend of immune boosting ingredients designed to supercharge the body’s immune response and bulletproof its defenses against illness and disease.

Made of premium ingredients at clinical dosages, Immune Shield is equipped with a proprietary blend of scientifically backed ingredients meant to promote ultimate health and wellbeing.


Immune Shield is a potent immunity booster that provides a powerful added layer of security in a world where a healthy immune system is essential. It has become the supplement of choice for a growing number of physicians because of its research-backed approach to strengthening the immune system and overall health.

  • Boosts sense of wellbeing
  • Promotes healthy inflammation response
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Fuels and energizes cellular health
  • Bulletproofs the immune system against infection and disease
  • Strengthens immune response for faster recovery
  • Trusted by physicians on the front lines of the modern health crisis


Scientifically Balanced Dosages

Having a strong immune system is vital. It’s why each bottle of Immune Shield is formulated to contain high enough concentrations of each ingredient to derive the greatest possible results.


While other supplements on the market will dilute or under-dose their products, AKTIV FORMULATIONS is committed to creating products based on scientific data rather than cost cutting. A growing number of users and physicians have made AKTIV FORMULATIONS their brand of choice for this reason.

Quality Ingredients for Maximum Absorption

Naturally derived nutrients will always be healthier than ones that are chemically engineered in a lab. Immune Shield is crafted with the highest quality natural ingredients available on the market. The reason for this is simple. Top-tier ingredients increase the body’s ability to absorb and put nutrients to immediate use. The result? A stronger immune system in less time.

Gut Health for Overall Vitality  

70-80% of immunity cells live in your gut. It’s why our physician-led team has included powerful ingredients that promote gut health into its formulation. This alone has established Immune Shield as the gold standard in total immunity supplements.


As the world opens back up, individuals are looking for powerful tools to get back out there in the safest way possible. Unfortunately, immune function deteriorates as we age. We produce fewer B and T cells and our overall cellular health becomes less efficient at fighting off infection. Modern diets and relentless schedules leave the body in a nutrient deficit that can weaken the immune system even more.

Immune Shield is one of the few scientifically backed products on the market to provide full spectrum immunity boosting benefits. The results have been profound.

Users have experienced a range of real-world benefits, including:

  • Improved sleep
  • Accelerated recovery
  • Reduced likelihood of infection and disease
  • Enhanced immune response resulting in less downtime
  • Improved gut health and more effective digestion
  • Sustained all-day energy
  • Greater sense of wellbeing and stress management
  • Elimination of chronic fatigue
  • Accelerated wound healing

Immune Shield has also been clinically supported to promote long-term health benefits that work to prevent and even reduce age-related immune system deterioration.

Are You Looking To Shield Yourself
And Boost Your Immune System


In the current health scenario, supporting your immune system is one of the best things you can do to promote overall health and wellbeing



Immune Shield is dedicated to clinical dosing. While other competitors dilute or under-serve their ingredients, AKTIV FORMULATIONS ensures each dose has high enough potency for users to reap its science-backed benefits.


Vitamin C

An essential micronutrient that is needed for a healthy immune system and proper cellular function. It defends against pathogens and works to reduce oxidative stress on the body. The body doesn’t produce Vitamin C and must consume it through nutrition or supplementation.

At 30 mg, this dosage provides the ideal amount the body needs and serves as an enhancer for the other nutrients found in this formulation.


This essential mineral serves as a powerful antioxidant that bolsters immune system processes and metabolism. Immune system function deteriorates as we age. Science-backed concentrations of selenium may be effective at reducing or even reversing the effects of age related immunity deterioration.


The component curcuma, found in turmeric, acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps provide an ideal environment for the immune system to thrive. It is an ingredient often found in the treatment of inflammatory diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and Alzheimers disease.


Besides being used to fight heart disease and cancer, Quercetin has potent anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce many barriers to a hampered immune response. In certain concentrations, it’s been effective at combating serious inflammatory diseases like Parkinson’s.


A fascinating ingredient that has garnered a host of medical research, pomegranate has powerful anti-bacterial properties that help fight against the presence of bacteria and harmful microbes, reducing the risk of infection from viruses.

Vitamin E

A powerful regulator of the immune system, Vitamin E is a major player in a host of cellular functions related to inflammation control. Because it helps with preventing lipid peroxidation, Vitamin E wards off cellular damage, strengthening the immune system.




A Constellation of Potent Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients

Boasting over a dozen additional, research supported ingredients, AKTIV FORMULATIONS has one of the most comprehensive formulations of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. Inflammation can hamper immune function. Taking supplements proven to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation have shown profound results in combating harmful pathogens and transmittable illnesses.



There are a host of benefits associated with taking Immune Shield regularly. After several weeks, many users report that the benefits of improved sleep, mood and energy associated with Immune Shield has allowed them to make additional healthy lifestyle changes.

Paired with strong nutritional choices and increased sleep, Immune Shield can serve as a powerful tool in ensuring your immune system is always up to the challenge.



  • Consult with a physician prior to use if you have any medical conditions.
  • Do not use if pregnant or lactating.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.


 These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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